ABBS - Reference Letter

DATE: November 10, 2016

FROM: Christian B. Chahine, VP Sales & Markerting

SUBJECT: Amphibious Body Bag System (ABBS) feedback

REFERENCE: Dr. Craig Nelson – Forensic Pathologist and Recovery Diver

We are pleased to share Dr. Nelson’s comments regarding the Amphibious Body Bag System (ABBS) as follows:

“The use of the zippered mesh panel on the bag is ideal for preservation of evidence, whether on the body or placed within the bag by a recovery diver. Additionally, this design allows for best preservation of fragile (decomposing or skeletonized) remains by preventing loss of small bones or body parts. 

The sturdy nature of the bag and the ability to use a lifting system that can then be hoisted is ideal for persons of large size, or for situations in which weights have been attached to the body. Ideally, weights attached to a body (in order to conceal the body in the water) will be left intact and attached to the body for photography and preservation at the surface, as doing so underwater may not be feasible.

In the situation of recovery of a diving fatality, the use of the lift system may allow the dive gear to remain in place for examination at the surface. In some cases, such as with an incorrectly routed regulator hose, or entangled gear, the removal of a diver’s equipment in order to recover a body may obscure the cause of the incident that resulted in the diver’s death underwater. As such, preservation of the equipment in place allows the greatest likelihood of identifying problems experienced.

Overall, this bag presents a tool that can allow best preservation of a body and evidence where required, as well as improved handling of remains and safety of recovery personnel”

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Best regards,

Christian B. Chahine