Field Autopsy Suite

* Allows to perform autopsies at the scene of the incident

* Rapid deployable shelter system with hard floor kit 

* Interior LED lighting   

* 3 ton HVAC unit    

* Self-contained scrub sink   

* Autopsy workstation   

* Folding autopsy table   

* Bone saw, scalpels, scissors, needles  

* And more…    

The field autopsy suite was developed to insure an adequate environment to allow forensic pathologists to perform autopsies effectively at the site of incident. A rapid deployable rigid frame shelter system with hard floor kit, interior LED lighting, hard ground anchor kit coupled with a 3 ton HVAC unit offers a suitable field working room. A complete set of equipment from self-contained scrub sink, autopsy workstation, folding autopsy table, to scale, bone saw, scalpels, scissors, needles, and more, allow for an effective work environment.

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