ADS - Advanced Detection Solutions LLC

ADS provides exceptional and unique solutions to the healthcare, mass fatality, and postmortem markets that help you with Non-invasive imaging autopsy / PMCT (Post-Mortem CT) Services, Forensic x-ray,  environmental Monitoring systems, personnel protection, to SAve evidence, time, and money.

  • Non-invasive Imaging Autopsy / PMCT (Post-Mortem CT) Services offered to Coroners and Medical Examiners offices

  • FOBOS™ (Forensic Body Scanner), high-quality, whole-body, multi-view x-rays in under a minute

  • Environmental monitoring system - to insure the integrity of your cooling systems' contents

  • Amphibious body bag system (ABBS) - for the safe and unhindered recovery of submerged human remains

  • MERCSystem® (Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System) - a unique and patented portable mass fatality cold storage system

  • Cadaver Storage System - designed to meet the demands of transporting and storing sets of remains

  • Cadaver Transport Systems - allows to maximize trailer or truck space for cadaver AND equipment transport

  • Cadaver Storage Trays - designed for remains storage and transport - can be used with any size Cadaver Storage System

  • Field Autopsy Suite - a comprehensive autopsy room indoor (in gymnasium, warehouse,...) or outdoor (in tent, shelter,...)

  • Mobile Autopsy Vehicle - a comprehensive autopsy room on wheels